Episode Notes

A lot of focus on this week’s Apple keynote featuring the Apple TV, Research Kit, iOS 8.2, the new MacBook and the Apple Watch. We also have other news on Amazon and Alibaba, Gigaom, a new Sony TV service, Google Calendar on iOS, Office 2016 for the mac, Nokia HERE maps, Aperture, and how to design your own custom Moto 360.

​Show Notes:

Amazon opening a store within Alibaba

Gigaom shuts down

Sony to Roll Out New Internet TV Service this year

Google Calendar for iPhone. It’s about time

Office 2016 for Mac preview available

Nokia’s HERE Maps finally returns to iOS

Design a custom Moto 360

Apple Notifying Aperture Users of Impending Removal From Mac App Store

Apple Researchkit

Apple TV price drop and HBO

New Apple MacBook

iOS 8.2

Apple Watch