Episode Notes

No Anu this week, but Steve, Ken and Guillermo are here to chat about Twitter, Flickr, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Uber, the FCC, Microsoft and Acompli, SwiftKey, Sony, YouTube, Wire, Gmail, Google, Bluetooth, and Ken’s review of the Evernote Jot stylus.

​Show Notes:

Another reason to avoid the official Twitter app

Twitter releases new tools to report abuse/harassment

Flickr licensing changes

– Any ‘black friday’ or ‘cyber monday’ purchases?

– Cancelled my Uber account. Uber’s response.

No more FCC logos on devices

Microsoft aquires Acompli

SwiftKey helping Stephen Hawking communicate faster

– Amazing Sony Pictures passwords



Gangnam Style breaks the internet

New messaging app – Wire

Gmail lets you import/edit Office docs from your inbox

European Parliament passes vote asking for Google to be broken up

New Bluetooth 4.2 spec brings IPv6, better privacy, and increased speed

Evernote Jot Script Stylus