Episode Notes

This week on the TechXpats Podcast, Guillermo coughs a lot, Steve swears a lot (we apologise), and Ken and Anu … do their usual – chatting all things tech, including; Google, Airbnb, Spotify, Google Play Music, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Beats, Bing, iCloud, typing, password manager apps on Android, Sony Pictures, Black Friday sales, and our recommendation of the week! PHEWF!

​Show Notes:

Ad-free Google coming…?

Airbnb always listening in

Spotify losses

Facebook hosted messages relating to killing

Twitter exec DM mistake and possible purchase

New Twitter search API not open to 3rd parties

Beats to come preinstalled on iOS devices next year?

No more FREE apps in the App Store

Bing search to be default on iOS as Google deal nears end?

Why iCloud is Apple’s worst product

Finland: Typing takes over as handwriting lessons end

Using a password manager on Android? It may be wide open to sniffing attacks

Microsoft rolls out Bing Maps traffic guesstimation worldwide

– Sony Pictures’ computers are still locked as hackers demand equality http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/25/us-sony-cybersecurity-idUSKCN0J920720141125


Dropbox carousel

Upcoming Black Friday Sale

– App recommendation: #Homescreen



Steve’s #Homescreen: