Episode Notes
Firstly, we’ve got Adam-bloody-Christianson on our podcast! A massive thank you to him for agreeing to appear on our fledgling podcast.
Secondly, massive apologies for the slight echo you can hear from Adam’s audio. Us podcasting amateurs here in Helsinki had to have Adam’s audio on monitor so we could all hear him, which resulted in the echo – MASSIVE thanks to Adam himself for supplying us with his copy of the audio which was much better than our copy!
As usual, we have a roundup of the news that caught our eyes this week, some great recommendations, and some reviews and hands-on talk about the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus – we might even get Ken to decide which one he’s going to buy!
Show notes:
– Shellshock / Bash bug
Hear Guillermo almost declare his love to Adam at around the 39 minute mark!
Product recommendation: iPhone 6 BodyGuardz – discount code ‘hammer’ for 10% off
Site recommendation: Exchange-power.com
TECHXPATS10 is the coupon code for international basic shipments that are sent from Postoffices in Finland (Packing slip is printed or sent via letter up to 30kg no batteries etc.), and 10% discount for courier shipments (which can be used to ship batteries) Ordered via phone or e-mail: customerservice@exchange-power.com . 20% discount for international import shipping (courier service) ordered via e-mail also.
App recommendation: Mobdro
Adam’s recommendation: Glif
You can find Adam on Twitter. On his excellent Apple-based podcast, the MacCast. And on his iOS-based podcast, The iOS Show.