Episode Notes

We’ve surpassed our hat-trick of podcasts and we’ve bagged number four! We’re like the Cristiano Ronaldo of Helsinki-based, expat run, podcasts!

Have a listen and, as always, we welcome your thoughts, feedback and comments! Also, please post any questions or topics on the Facebook page and we’ll do our utmost to answer them for you.

Show notes:

Apple records sales with iPhone 6


Will we see Windows 9 soon?

Good Nokia article

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Google+ Is No Longer A Requirement For Creating A Google Account

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Twitpic no longer shutting down

Nexus 9 rumours

Fire Phone: 99c + Prime and New Kindle (and for kids)

Blackberry Passport

PlayStation TV launching in US/CA

Nintendo Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary

– Listener question: Android TV boxes / Droid Sticks

Tronsmart CX-919 – $69

G-Box Midnight MX2 – $88

MINIX NEO X7 – $119

SupachargediOS Offers an in-depth review at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqfPO5uxKRw

– Listener question: Installing iOS 8 on older devices

Device compatibility list

iOS 8.0.1

Delete app(s), reboot by holding the Home button and Power button until phone restarts and you see the Apple logo, reinstall apps.

Clean OS install with iTunes. Restore the device as new and re-sync all of your apps.

Announcement re StartupSauna

– App recommendation: Päivän Sovellus (Finland iOS App Store) – ‘App Of The Day’ in UK and US App Stores.