Episode Notes
Bacon will kill you. Well, kind of. Maybe. This podcast was a sad moment for Craig the bacon lover, who discovered that one of his favourite meats could kill him! As could ham, salami and many other processed meats, which are all classified as Class 1 carcinogens (bad!) by the World Health Organisation. Good grief. Apart from this depressing news, Elise and Lauren from Oncore Nutrition also educate Craig about optimal pooing strategies, paleo, intermittent fasting, good and bad fats, glycemic index vs. glycemic load, good and bad calories (nutritional value), which bread to buy, alcohol and on a more serious note, eating to prevent cancer.

Note: the food discussion can be a Pandora’s box of theories, bro-science, emotion, interpretation and of course, legitimate science, research and evidence. Keep in mind that this episode is a conversation in a studio and in no way, a prescription or personal recommendation.