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In this episode we go through all the major movements in 'The Shannara Chronicles' Opening Credits incl.

  • The choice of music and sound design.
  • Why Ruelle's "Until We Go Down" is a near perfect choice for Shannara.
  • We look at the fall of the Old World, The Great Wars, and the rise of the new races-of-man (humans, dwarves, gnomes and trolls).
  • We discuss the Griffin-esque statues that populate an entire scene and what they might mean for the show going forward.
  • We introduce two of the central themes in The Shannara Chronicles (1. the ongoing tension between the races of the Four Lands, and 2. the importance of [spoiler] The Ellcrys to our S1 story arc).

Readers Note 1.

"It is mentioned in the text of Terry Brooks’ ‘Armageddon’s Children’ and also in ‘the Sword of Shannara’ that the Great Wars lead to the destruction of the Old World and poisoned the Earth for an age). [ from both texts we can infer that Nuclear weapons were deployed, and possibly even chemical & biological weapons were used]."

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