Episode Notes
During the MFCB-W6 webinar on TEAM BUILDING, I had a great discussion with an attendee regarding his negotiations with a "potential" partner in China.

Q1: What does it mean when my potential partner is non-committal? What can I do?

  • EVALUATE "Not willing to sign a contract" vs. "Not really interested to collaborate"
  • Align PROCESS before trying to align OUTCOMES
  • What do we mean when we say "Align on Process"?

Q2: How do I decide what type of partnership structure works best?

  • Full Transparency doesn't always work in your favor (counterintuitive)
  • Create PERCEPTION of being Flexible
  • Balance of Extremes (BOE) Cross-Cultural Performance Analysis

Q3: How do I change the dynamics of the negotiations in my favor?

  • Avoid the trap of one-way information flow (full transparency mindset)
  • Discover if the candidate is the RIGHT Partner

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