Episode Notes
You missed your daddy. You will do anything for male attention Men are getting everything they want. They want to have sex with you. So you have sex with them. They no longer want you. But now that you have had sex with them, you no longer see their faults. You don't care that they can't hold a job, but they can hold a beer and beat you with it. You think you can change them, but you can't. People think I'm old fashioned and I don't believe in freedom of choice. I say you have the freedom to keep you legs together. There is a reason why people say "why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free." It's because its true. Ladies if you want a man to love you, quit being an ignorant slut. Get married, and then rock his world. He will empty the trash, put up the toilet seat, and everything else you want. For the best results, find a man who isn't a slut as well. Then when he has sex with you, you two will bond. I know this sounds old fashioned, but it works. However you're too stupid to believe me. You look at the sluts and whores on the cover of all the magazine and want to look and act like them. Well go ahead and be idiots. Go create some more bastards and charge the government for child care. You're an idiot.