Episode Notes
Do people with intellectual disability vote? What stops them from exercising their democratic right? What supports people with intellectual disability to participate in elections?

In Episode two Sophia Tipping from the Living with Disability Research Centre tells us about a collaborative, action research project on strategies to support people with intellectual disability to vote. Tweet the researchers at @sophia_tee and @LIDSLaTrobe !

Debra Taylor and Simone Stevens from the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) tell us about some strategies being implemented for an Australian election in November 2018.

We also hear from 22 self-advocates from seven groups and organisations including VALID, NSWCID, Reinforce, New Horizons, and New Wave - with thanks to SARU for linking us all up.

The VEC has some excellent voting resources available including:

  • Download the Voter Voice App on Google Play or iTunes - It’s a free app to support people to communicate their details at the voting centre, to learn about voting, to find a voting centre, and to check their enrolment.

Look out for out upcoming bonus episode! We hear about the I Can Vote initiative from Inclusion Melbourne’s Nathan Despott.

This episode was produced by Sophia Tipping, Buffy Gorrilla & Associate Professor Hilary Johnson with thanks to the Living with Disability Research Centre. Ben Pawson and Aine Healy provided marketing support for this episode.

Thank you to Fiona McKenzie, David Briggs and Lisa Clarke from NSWCID; Shona Brown, Gary, Peter Macdonald and Wendy Martchrinke from Having A Say; Russell, Edward and Alby Wilson at New Horizons; Rachael Walters, Mary-Anne Huggins, David Walker, Graham Binding, Heather Hoogzaad, Kathryn Bartlett and Charity Sims-Jenkins from New Wave; Colin Hiscoe, Amanda Millear, Susan Arthur, Heather Smith, Norrie Blythman and Chris Lowe from Reinforce; Luke Nelson, Samson Hailu and Anthony Risoli at Valid; and Dean Dodson from SARU.

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