Episode Notes
Q4: I’m trying to launch a healthcare business in China. What can I improve my communication and relationship with suppliers and doctors? What is the best approach for someone like me (8 minutes 27 seconds)?

Key takeaways:

  • Work directly with doctors, hospitals, and service providers in partnership with your channel partners to access the China healthcare market
  • Self-awareness is important for understanding expectations. In this example, a Hong Kong person who has spent most of his life in the US will generally receive less 'goodwill' because he is ethnically Chinese, but obviously an outsider.
  • Empathy for what doctors value is the key to opening the door for closer 'Guanxi' relationships.
  • Channel partners are the key to understanding how to navigate any industry in China, so it is important to keep an open-mind and open-dialogue, even when you encounter an ethical dilemma. The key isn't whether you condone bad behavior or not, but rather to listen and understand why certain gestures might be valuable towards accessing the market. Listening without judgment opens the possibility for a creative solution.
  • There are always benefits for being 'humble' and 'low-key' in China

This question was asked during second webinar in the 'Mindset for China Business' series held live on August 8, 2018.