Episode Notes

A tradition started so many (four) episodes ago, continues today, with the fifth episode of Australia's most authoritative podcast.

Today's Thing Committee contains Rupert Murdoch's personal technology helpdesk attendant, Jen Dudley, 50% of the future hope of commercial radio, Dominic Fay, the mastermind behind TV's other night of night,s the Molkies, Steve Molk from MolksTVTalk and the third most intelligent person to ever visit Walgett for a week, Josh Withers.

In this episode the committee faces the issues that couldn't be tabled in Question Time this week, and they ask:

  • Is Google Android a thing?
  • Are email read receipts a thing?
  • Is wearable technology a thing?
  • Is the Swisse Colour Run a thing?

Show notes: Apologies for the distorted sound in the first few minutes. The panel operator has been executed. Also, not every podcast is this nerdy, but with Jen, Molk and Josh in the one room you couldn't expect much else.

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