Episode Notes
Michelle Zahner has been performing on stage since her early teens, her early roles including a wall, a chicken and a talking zucchini. Michelle has performed in a number of independent productions in Australia; working with companies including Pentimento Productions (THE TRUTH ABOUT KOOKABURRAS, UNDER THE GOD TREE), Vulcana Women’s Circus (THE MAGNIFICENT MONSTER CIRCUS, TIPPING POINT, FLUID), and Black Fox Theatre (THE JEDI RETURNETH, CAPTIVE, OR WHAT YOU WILL).
Since moving to the UK in 2016 she has worked on a number of shorts, and has recently performed on stage with Screen Rebels, and at the Edinburgh Fringe in with New York Company The Representatives.
A Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery is Michelle’s first solo show. It combines storytelling, poetry, comedy, shadow puppetry and physical theatre with a hint of audience participation (the nice kind, where you get to stay in your seat… mostly). She brings to life a brand new hero, whose problem solving skills and affinity for rooftops have gained her a hero’s reputation… and a series of responsibilities she didn’t ask for. Suddenly she finds herself dealing with media hype, impossible expectations, protest groups and sponsorship deals. She doesn’t really understand - Batman never had to deal with this shit!
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