Episode Notes
This week we chat about all the various places you can donate your decluttered items to around Australia. We often get asked where to donate things and we both use many of these places on behalf of our clients and for our own pre-loved stuff. We would love to know where your favourite place to donate things to where you live. Come over to our Facebook page this week and share your brilliant knowledge with us all. We hope this episode has inspired you to look at your house with fresh eyes and find even more clutter to donate ;-)
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Here is our list of charities and organisations we mentioned in the episode and some extra ones to boot. We will add your recommendations here as we get them this week and into the future!
Websites that will help you find the right place to donate
Ops Shops
www.opshop.org This is a great website listing heaps of your local ops shops.
www.waysidechapel.org.au/op-shop for those that live/work close to Kings Cross NSW.
www.therestore.com.au for those that live near Seven Hills NSW.
Donations for Animals
You can see if your local vet, animal shelter or animal hospital needs towels, blankets, pet food, pet beds etc.
www.uplifebras.org and you can contact your local Intimo consultant to see if they can take bra's on behalf of Uplift www.intimo.com.au
Sports Equipment and Clothing
www.shoesforplanetearth.com/shoe-collectors This organisation has collection points in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, WA & SA.
www.bootsforall.org.au This awesome charity has a store in Montmorency (VIC) if you need good quality sportswear for your family too!
School Uniforms
Check with your school if the uniform shop will buy back your old uniforms or will take donations. Your school might also have a Facebook page that you can sell them on. Check also with the school office as they might take them to donate them to a family who is need this year.
Men's Work Clothes
Women's Work Clothes
Ask your local Preschool or Day care if they would like your donations.
Ask your local Toy Library if they would like them.
Ask your local Doctor's surgery if they would like them.
Ask your local hospital if they are in need of the toys.
Mens/Women's Sheds
Your local area might also have a Women's Shed as these are starting to pop up!
Beauty/Sanitary Products/Handbags
You could check if your local optometrist will recycle your glasses as well!
Mobile Phones
You could again check with your local Preschool/Daycare/Doctors/Hospital would like your donations as well
Evening Dresses
Baby Paraphanalia
www.stkildamums.org This is for Victorian donations
https://dandelionsupport.org.au This is for NSW donations
School Supplies/Stationary
Material and Craft Supplies
Garage Sales

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