Episode Notes

A podcast by request! Emily wrote in and asked for some tips for new celebrants, so here we are, with Josh and Sarah's top ten tips for new wedding celebrants!

  • Network, network, network -  with anyone in the marriage industry

  • Find a buddy/mentor

  • Read the Guidelines to the Marriage Act cover to cover, and look at them regularly when you have a question

  • Watch lots of ceremonies to find out different ways of doing things

  • Learn how to business

  • Figure out your differentiator, your point of difference

  • Earn your fee … aka don’t just google other fees, but figure out how to charge what it costs you etc, and there’s the sliding scale of learner to expert

  • Learn from other industries - business-wise - and ceremony wise

  • Attend OPD in person! (not distance)

  • PA system/tech gear