Episode Notes
Alice Fraser is an award winning writer, broadcaster, performer and comedian! 

Alice's breadth of experience from the hallowed halls of Cambridge in the Footlights to the sticky floors of New York's cut-throat comedy scene has left her with tough, flexible and impressive writing and performing skills. 

Alice writes jokes for The Project on Channel 10, as well as the satirical news radio show "A Rational Fear". She has appeared on BBC Radio 4, and Radio National as well as having co-hosted the cult radio show "Tracksuits" weekly on FBi radio in Sydney for many years. She also appeared on "Whovians" on ABC, and "The Bugle" hosted by Andy Zaltzman. She writes a regular column for SBS Comedy and The Chaser Quarterly.

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You can check out Alice’s wonderful brand of comedy on her podcast ‘Tea With Alice’