Episode Notes
This week we chat about decluttering and organising your Laundry.  Do you have a large laundry or a small one? Is your laundry also a storage room?
Learn about what Kirsty & Amy keep in their laundries and how they use the different cupboards and their washing process.
(Please note: Ironing is THE ONE thing in Farrugia home that Simon doesn't do - he can do it and do it well, but it is one thing that Kirsty would choose to do ;-))
From their years of experience, Kirsty & Amy share their experiences around decluttering and organising your laundry.
Today you also have the chance to sign up to receive the BONUS SECRET EPISODE that Kirsty & Amy recorded for their Art of Decluttering friends. Visit www.theartofdecluttering.com.au to subscribe and listen.
Kirsty's Website: www.feelslikehome.net.au
Amy's Website: www.simplyorganised.net
Art of Decluttering Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/artofdecluttering