Episode Notes
Does it seem like your children bring home art work every day?  Do you end up with a huge pile of artwork at the end of each year, but you're not sure what to keep?
What if your child actually brings home artwork you like and would like to display?  
From their years of experience, Kirsty & Amy share their experiences around decluttering and organising your children's artwork.
SHOWNOTES: (here are any links we chatted about during this podcast)
Mister Maker. This is the ABC art and craft TV show that Amy used to watch with her kids: www.mistermaker.com
Ikea Skubb Containers. Amy uses these under her kids beds to store artwork: www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/90290359/
Amy's Website: www.simplyorganised.net
Kirsty's Website: www.feelslikehome.net.au
Art of Decluttering Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/artofdecluttering
Art of Decluttering Website: www.theartofdecluttering.com.au