Episode Notes
My guest this week is a remarkable man, Brandon Webb. He's a former Navy Seal Sniper and served on Seal Team 3. He's a NYT best selling author, his latest book is called The Red Circle. Brandon is also the man behind the growing digital medial empire Force 12 Media This charming, unassuming man has a very interesting story to tell - which we will do in two parts. Having grown up around the Australian military, I've always been fascinated that the some of the freedoms I enjoy are only there because men and women are willing to sacrifice their freedoms so that I may live and not know. He's @BrandonTWebb on twitter, let him know you heard him here, also check out his podcast SOFREP.com Some of this subject matter may be tough to hear, but I encourage you to approach this with an open mind, and listen to what it is to be one of the people who puts their lives on the line for others every day.