Episode Notes
Damian Barbeler is an award-winning composer who I actually grew up with in Brisbane, and now lives with his family in Sydney.  Find him at barbeler.com   Damian's works have been commissioned from and performed in all parts of the world, his music is at the same time avant-garde and incredibly accessible.    He's got a PhD from the Sydney Conservatorium of music, he regularly teaches both young and old the art of composition and is indeed a man that can inspire his students to achievements they never thought possible. I know because he used to teach me.    He's one of the smartest, most creative people I know  - so I got him over to talk about creativity. 
We could all use some.  Whether we're writing music, a book, a blog post, a dinner menu - nurturing and flexing our creative muscle is important, and today Damian talks about just that.    I hope that the tools and techniques and practice that he talks about resonate with you and that you can apply what he has to offer to your life, and your passion and purpose.