Episode Notes
Dr Glen Richards is a vet, entrepreneurial mega-success and a shark on the Network Ten hit show Shark Tank. It's Dragon's Den in the UK and shark tank everywhere else.    He has an incredible story, and has some very powerful and interesting views on euthanasia.   He's someone who's compassionately ended the life of thousands of incredibly loved but suffering pets - and we start to discuss what it would mean for our society if we looked at people's suffering in a similar way.    If you're at all triggered by such a conversation, once you hear us talking about states that permit dr assisted death, skip ahead 7 minutes and you'll emerge safely on the other side.    This is also a great chat because I got the feeling that Dr Glen and I come from different sides of the political spectrum, yet we found so many commonalities. And I think that's important to remember in this world where our political parties are so ideologically divided - there's way more in common than we think.    Enjoy this chat with a 100% stand up human, Dr Glen Richards.