Episode Notes
My guest this week is Nathan Birch.  Nathan is an incredibly interesting guy, he retired from regular work at 24 and is a self-made multi-millionaire.  Following a strict protocol which he freely explains in this show - he's amassed a property portfolio of over 200 properties worth over $50M which after all is said and done provides him with more than $500K a year in passive income.    But that's not why he's on the show.  He's on the show because he's a guy who's seen the railroad tracks that we as a society are expected to follow    The repetitive script of Birth School Work Marriage Mortgage Kids Cancer Death that millions of people in western society have followed before us. The script that we're expected not to question. "Here look! Shiny new things! Don't worry about it"     One of the things I love to do is speak to people who've explored life outside that of the big machine and get their perspective of life.    Nathan's approach to how he made his fortune may not be for you or be within reach of you - but his perspective on life is very interesting.  Because he's made a life for himself where the acquisition of money and material things stopped being a problem to be solved - so what does he do next?   That's the question that I love to hear the answer to.    What do you do once you've left the finish line that society has defined for us well, well behind?  When the house, the car, the overseas trip, the big tv, the boat the whatever - once you've got all of those material things - what do you do next?    Now I'm not a client of Nathan's but I love the lessons he's taught here in this conversation.