Episode Notes
This episode is brought to you by wonderful listeners who have leant their support on Patreon   My guest today is Georgina Venzin who’s the Youth Ambassador for the Mindshift Foundation - a place dedicated to raising the self worth of youth across Australia. They develop self-esteem programs for high-school teachers to provide skills to students, they’ve a pilot program happening now at a high school in Brisbane, and are looking to scale statewide and then nationally.    She’s also a high-profile restauranteur in Brisbane, who alongside her Father manages four separate successful restaurants, and they also work at buying floundering restaurants, turning them around and then selling them as successful businesses.    She’s achieved all this by the age of 26.    Georgina has a very interesting story - growing up with both parents who were living with mental health issues, she almost had to raise her own Mum at one point.    Her path to being an ambassador towards self esteem in young people passes through booking herself in for breast enhancement surgery and then pulling out not once, but twice. She also booked herself in for a nose-job, and again - pulled out at the last moment.    Now, Georgina is a beautiful and intelligent woman, savvy and smart who’s the front-facing representative of a successful hospitality company -  and she wears no makeup.    “I learned to love myself for who I am” she told me.    It’s one of the more powerful conversations I’ve had since I’ve done this show.    If you’re a woman listening - think about what it would take for you to go through your day to day life, your corporate life - wearing no make up.    Georgina has an inspiring story, and I’m grateful I could share it with you.