Episode Notes
My guest this week is Dr John Demartini, he's a best selling author, speaker and teacher.   He's written over 40 books, and travels the world 360 days a year.  You'll hear in this conversation how he came to begin to explore what makes people tick and how he dug deeper into human behaviour patterns to understand why we do what we do.    Might have seen him if you've ever watched the film "The Secret".    He and I do differ on some aspects of what he speaks about, notably the treatment for clinical depression - however that's not to say that what he teaches doesn't work for thousands of people all over the world - it's just not the thing for me.   Regardless, I am thrilled he came by - he walked into my home and from the kitchen window you can see the ocean, he stared at the swell coming in and his eyes misted over as he ghost rode the waves that broke on the sand back in the south corner of Bondi.