Episode Notes
Socratis Otto is a gifted Australian actor best known at the moment for his role as Maxine in the women's prison drama "Wentworth" which has its season finale on Tuesday night this week. It's a demanding role, because his character used to be called Max - and is now Maxine. Foxtel here in Australia deserves enormous praise for its support of original Australian drama, and this show is one of the best. Socratis is an incredibly talented man, and was gracious enough to make the trek over from the inner west of Sydney all the way out to the edge of Australia here at the beach to chat with me on a brisk morning about a month ago. I was struck by his warmth and genuine charm, sometimes actors can be empty shells and only when they've been given the words and directions do they come to life, but then as another person. Socratis lit up my house with a loving glow, and was very generous with his time and his trust in our conversation. Big thanks again to Jane Negline who lined up this interview, without her it never would have happened. Enjoy a warm cuppa and a warm chat with Socratis Otto. For exclusive episodes of this show support at patreon.com/osher