Episode Notes
Paul Middleditch is a multi-award winning director originally from New Zealand.
Follow his adventures at @plazafilms on instagram
He’s the mastermind behind bringing some of the most memorable commercials you’ve ever seen to your screens.
Remember “It’s a big ad” for carlton draught?
The brilliant Aussie Lamb diversity campaign from this year?
And of course his incredible “It’s a Big Ad” for Cartlon Draught, including the skydiving one where the beer glass demolished a few houses?
That’s Paul.
He’s also the guy behind the new Air New Zealand campaign featuring Dave the goose - which I’m sure you’ve seen by now. As you’ll hear Paul actually donned the green skin suit and acted out all of the physicality of Dave so that the animators would have something great to work with.
He’s a funny guy, we had a great chat.
A special thanks to Air New Zealand for helping tee up this chat with Paul Middleditch.
You can actually watch an edit of this episode of Paul and I at www.betterwaytofly.com.au which includes some behind the scenes footage of the making of Air New Zealand’s brilliant new content featuring Dave the Goose. New Zealand creative agency True created the idea and Paul was the director who brought it to life.
We actually recorded this conversation in the very swish Air New Zealand lounge at Sydney International Airport which is an interesting place to come and go from if you aren’t traveling.
We even went through the “Kidman Corridor” which is where they walk Nicole and Hugh and anyone else through when they come or go from an international flight.
Glad you can be a part of this chat.
Enjoy an afternoon with the wonderful Paul Middleditch.