Episode Notes
My guest is Madison Missina, she defines herself as a prostitute, a  porn star, sex therapist, sex educator and sex worker advocate. 
We had a rather robust and frank conversation about how she ended up doing what she does, the role of sex workers in society (eg, assisting with the disabled etc) and spent a long time talking about the effect of porn as default sex education for a generation of young people.

Madison has a new and very successful podcast with Mamamia called "the prude and the pornstar" that's just launched - so she's quite mainstream.

It's not a titillating chat and it is very matter of fact when we get to the brass tacks.   It's an important conversation to have, as I feel quite strongly about the adverse affect hardcore porn has on young people and their sexual expression.   Also, Maz Compton drops by to talk about the results of her manifesting a talk show out of thin air.