Episode Notes

@carlyfindlay is an appearance activist, blogger, and writer from Melbourne, Australia.

Carly was born with Ichthyosis - two forms in fact - Netherton’s Syndrome and erythroderma. This basically causes her skin to renew itself at an incredibly fast rate, leaving her susceptible to dryness, inflammation, itchiness, and gives her a noticeably red complexion - which is also shiny because she has to constantly apply paraffin to her skin so as to alleviate the pain and discomfort - and this paraffin gives her a shiny appearance.

Carly reached out to me via email, sendosheremail@gmail.com and we organized a time to chat when I was in Melbourne last.

Follow her on twitter, have a listen - there’s a lot in this, and a lot that I was certainly unaware of as far as my own able-bodied privilege and how that has shaped my view of the world.

I’m still learning, and am grateful to be pulled up when I say the wrong thing, and Carly certainly pulled me up once or twice which I’m grateful for.