Episode Notes
Lindsay McDougall is one of Australia's icons of alternative culture. For nearly twenty years he's been the guitar player for the iconic Australian punk band Frenzal Rhomb, and for ten years was a radio announcer on the national youth radio network JJJ.  Lindsay is never backward in coming forward about his thoughts on fairness - and in this conversation we discuss all kinds of expectations of fairness from race relations, to gender issues, climate issues and what it was like being a staunch lefty vegan who's dad was a member of the right-wing Australian Liberal party.    We met at Lindsay's home in Newton in Sydney, surrounded by more guitars, books and rock and roll memorabilia than I could possibly comprehend  - for a cup of tea and a chat while the bustling of King St continued below.  Ladies and gentlemen - Lindsay McDougall.    This episode is brought to you by THE ICONIC who are offering my listeners 10% off full price styles with any purchase over $99. Head to theiconic.com.au/osher to support the people who support my show!