Episode Notes
Hot Dub Time Machine is probably the hottest DJ ticket in town right now. 
A creation of my guest today - Tom Loud. This time-traveling dance-party is currently packing out huge rooms all across Australia and Europe.
He's redefining what it means to go and have a dance. He's opening dance culture up to a whole new audience, and he's spreading joy all across the world. 
Tom reached out to me over instagram - it turns out we worked together a long time ago, and he let me know about his success and how he'd like to come on the show. 
I caught him at Splendour in The Grass a few years back and I can tell you he knows how to make a party happen. 
You'll also hear how mental illness played a role in his story, and how his life became so much better once he took responsibility for his situation, and worked on getting help and getting healthy. 
It's an inspiring story, a story that might even make you want to dance with excitement. 
You can see HDTM all over UK and AU in coming months - hotdubtimemachine.com is where his dates are - like you'll hear me say in the show - people go back again and again, it's no wonder because it's the best night ever. 
Enjoy this chat with DJ Tom Loud, Time Lord and Captain of Hot Dub Time Machine.