Episode Notes

David Hunt (@DavidHuntGirt on Twitter) is an Author, Historian and comedian. His latest book “True Girt” is out now, the follow up to “Girt” which I read last summer.

It’s a "laugh-out-loud because you can’t do anything else" account of the dark underbelly of Australian history.

David’s first book “Girt” was the basis of the brilliant podcast with Dom Knight “Rum, Rebels and Ratbags” which is still around.

If there’s someone in your life that appreciates a good chuckle while looking at ourselves - Girt and True Girt should definitely be on your Christmas list.

Why I love David’s writing is because he tells Australian history from a modern perspective. One that’s not the tale I heard in primary school, where the British came to Australia and saved the savages from their primitive ways.

His descriptions of the corruption, nepotism and cronyism of the early incarnations of our political systems are gobsmacking. 

The way he discusses how the Aboriginal people were treated is written in a “you’re laughing because if you didn’t laugh you’d weep at the tragedy of their plight” kind of way.

I can’t recommend his books highly enough - a great gift for the coalition voter in your life - because in my experience you can actually change minds if you make people laugh while you’re challenging their rusted on point of view.

Also make sure you listen to Rum Rebels and Ratbags this week.

So with that, enjoy this coffee-filled dive into our very recent past with Mr David Hunt.