Episode Notes
Jono Nicholas is the CEO of ReachOut.com, which was the first online mental health service in the world.  He's been working there for over fifteen years, as you'll hear - back in a time when you would have to dial a phone number to get access to the internet.  This week, Reach Out is launching a big campaign "There's life after year twelve" - which I'm sure is an internationally common issue - young adults feeling immense pressure to perform and that if their exams don't work out that their lives will be worthless.    So come with me to the inner-west of Sydney Australia for a conversation with internet pioneer, CEO, Psychologist, suicide counsellor, runner, dad and all around top bloke - Jono Nicholas.    This episode is brought to you by THE ICONIC who are offering my listeners 10% off full price styles with any purchase over $99. Head to theiconic.com.au/osher to support the people who support my show!