Episode Notes
Jack Delosa is an incredibly successful Australian entrepreneur. By the age of 27 he amassed a fortune of over $25M through his various startup ventures, including his largest public facing project.   The Entourage - a business education company that teaches business in a way that universities don’t.    Jack’s one line story is that he’s the kid who dropped out of uni to become a millionaire by his early 20’s.  He’s already written one book, Unprofessional - and now is about to launch his new book Unwritten - Reinvent Tomorrow.  You can find out more and preorder the book at reinvent-tomorrow.com   You’ll hear more in this conversation but it’s pretty easy to tell why The Entourage has been voted one of the best places to work in Australia - Jack’s energy and passion for leaving the world a better place than how he found it is palpable.    If you like what you hear - ping Jack on Twitter and let him know you heard him on the show @jackdelosa.    so enjoy an afternoon right on Sydney harbour - in the delightful home of Jack Delosa.