Episode Notes

Zoe Norton Lodge is a published author, actor, and storyteller from Sydney Australia. She’s one of the people behind the wildly successful “Story Club” which happens in Sydney at the Giant Dwarf Theatre and also on the Story Club podcast. 

She’s also a performer/presenter on The Checkout - the consumer affairs show on the ABC here in Australia that is produced by the team from The Chaser.

Zoe has a big role in my life, as it’s because of her that I was able to first speak about my run-ins with psychosis in a public way, in a format and forum that made sense. 

She’s incredibly intelligent, very very funny and quite wonderful to be around. 

Zoe’s book is called “Almost Sincerely” and is available where all books are bought - 

Find her on twitter @zoenl is her handle. 

Let her know you heard her here. 

Enjoy me and Zoe getting hassled by Frank my dog in my living room in Bondi just before we moved out.