Episode Notes
My guest today Mike Cotty is a legend in the worldwide cycling community for his marathon cycling efforts,  having ridden astonishing feats of endurance - non stop rides across entire countries, and even continents - his longest being a 50hr and 29 minute non-stop epic 1,021km across the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps. On this ride he conquered over 21,250m of brutal mountain climbing, or 2.4 “Everests”.   However Mike is also a brilliant marketer, and he is now director of Media-24, a Cycling Media consultancy company here in Europe.    Throughout this conversation, Mike shares his story, and brings some insight to not only how he was able to achieve such astonishing goals of endurance, but how the limitations that we give ourselves are often just a label and way, way lower than what we can actually achieve.    If you dig this, follow Mike on twitter - @cottydale