Episode Notes
Greg Callaghan is the Acting Editor of Good Weekend, SMH, The Age, journalist, & author of a book that shook me to the core: Bondi Badlands.
It's the true crime story of some heinous and depraved murders that happened at the park on the south end of Bondi Beach, Marks Park.
Right now, the park is home to Sculpture by the Sea - the fantastic annual public art event that stretches from Bondi down to Bronte. 
So while you're wandering around up there on the cliff tops admiring the steel and marble and wood and glass, know that on those cliff tops, around 25 years ago, roaming gangs frequently violently bashed gay men who'd gone to the park in search of a romantic rendezvous. 
This violence escalated, and some men where not only bashed - but thrown to their deaths from the tops of those cliffs. 
The story is harrowing because the majority of the perpetrators never got caught, and there's actually a new reward for any information on the case. 
A big warning up front. 
In this conversation Greg describes quite graphically the kind of violence that went on, and we use language that was the label at the time for this kind of violence. We use the derogatory word poofter. 
Now, I don't use this word in my day to day conversation - nor does Greg - however to adequately describe the attitude toward this violence I felt it was important to leave the language in, as that was the language used to describe it at the time. 
There's lots of triggers in this conversation for any victims of violence, so if you're not feeling the best today please enjoy any of the other wonderful episodes available to you over at oshergunsberg.com
I've always been fascinated by this story, and I couldn't be more grateful to Greg for taking the time to talk to me about what he knew and for talking me through what is a crime that in my opinion should never be forgotten in our community. 
The book is called Bondi Badlands, you can get it on Amazon and follow Greg on twitter
This is a heavy one, but it's an important one. 
Here's Greg Callaghan.