Episode Notes
Lola Berry is often called "Australia's favourite Nutritionist".  She's a nutritionist, author, blogger, speaker and advocate for happiness. She even wrote a book about happiness. And five other books. You can buy them everywhere.    She's a woman who has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to be kinder and more caring to themselves through food and nourishment - not just of their bodies but of themselves as a whole.   Lola has a beautiful, warm and glowing energy that swept into my home with a gift basket of vegan goodies under her arm and a smile that could make the clouds part.   She smooshed my dog frankie and then we sat down for a frank, honest and wonderful conversation about taking risks, success, failure, food and persistence.     A trigger warning at the top here. Sexual assault is a part of Lola's story and she talks about that today. If you're at all triggered about such a topic - I completely understand. When you hear us talking about it, flick forward about seven minutes and you'll arrive safe on the other side with us talking about smoothies.   Find Lola everywhere on your phone with the handle @yummololaberry - her snapchat is pretty great, I recommend it.   So enjoy a deep, honest and nourishing chat with the wonderful Lola Berry.