Episode Notes
Craig Bruce is one of the most iconic names in the Australian Radio Industry.  For over 20 years he worked for the company which is now Southern Cross Austereo - first as an announcer, then as assistant program director and eventually rose to the role of group content director - means he's in charge of everything and everyone you hear on air that isn't a commercial.    His reputation for spotting and developing new talent is beyond par, most notably with his development and then anointing of Kyle Sandilands as the Sydney Breakfast Radio anchor in 2004.   Craig had played an important role in my career as well - he was at the first station I ever worked at and then was a part of bringing me to SAFM for my breakout into daytime radio.   He's got a new podcast which it available at radiogamechangers.com - where he speaks with those in the industry that have truly disrupted and changed how the business of radio works.   Craig is the first person I called when I wanted to get back on the air in 2016 and played a huge role in getting me the gig at Hit105 Brisbane even though he had left the company by then.   While I've known Craig for the better part of 22 years, I found out things about him in this conversation that I did not know, and I must thank him for his candour and openness to bring up those very personal moments in his life - as I believe that hearing his story might help someone listening right now who may have faced a similar situation.   Thank you for being here. Enjoy Craig Bruce.