Episode Notes
Travis Rice (@travisrice instagram) is one of the most talented and influential athletes to ever strap on a snowboard.   Since his explosion onto the international scene at the age of 18, Travis has been pushing boundaries and challenging gravity on mountains all around the world. As a film producer, he's behind the most successful snowboarding film of all time "The Art of Flight" and his new film "The Fourth Phase" is apparently the most expensive action sports film ever created.   His snowboarding is as effortless as it is death-defying, but his vision for how he translates the experience onto film is the thing that sets him apart from other athletes.   The new film "The Fourth Phase" is out in Australian cinemas now, and in fact we get to see it before the rest of the world. You can see the film how Travis intended – on the big screen! Australian cinemas audiences will be the only in the world to enjoy the incredible 4k + visuals and surround sound on the big screen.   It’s on limited release so you may need to look around a bit but it is on about 15 screens around the country.   If you can't get to a theatre - in a special, global event “The Fourth Phase” will premiere on Red Bull TV at 9 p.m. AEST on Sunday, October 2.   This one-time screening is free and can be viewed on the Red Bull TV website or on the app across multiple devices (smartphones, smart TV). Tune-in parties are popping up worldwide from big venues and snowboard stores, to living rooms and backyards.   Travis is an incredibly humble man, a real warrior-poet. I am so happy we had this conversation and so lucky I could bring it to you.   If you like what he has to say please let him know on twitter or instagram, it really helps the show.