Episode Notes
Peter Garrett is one of the world's most iconic and recognisable musicians and activists, and is also the former federal environment minister and education minister.    For twenty five years he fronted Midnight Oil, one of this country's most powerful, outspoken, noisy, sweaty and thought-provoking bands.  Their musical career intertwined with activism from the very beginning, they made great music you could dance your ass off to - and within this music was a powerful message. Not a acoustic guitar jangley nasal protesty message either - but a powerful, masculine, almost warrior-like strength that spoke against injustice and inequality.    You'll hear through this chat that I reference my own experiences with Midnight Oil, because like many Australians of my generation and the one above me - they were inescapable.   Peter has just written a memoir called Big Blue Sky, which is out now all around the world wherever you buy your books - and I must thank his team from Allen & Unwin who responded to a random twitter request three weeks ago from a bloke that counts roses on the tv to sit down with one of Australia's most important voices.    Now, about the audio quality.  Peter wanted to meet in a cafe in Paddington on a saturday morning - so through the chat you'll hear the sounds of a cafe, the espresso machine firing up, the sirens, the music, the hubub of that part of Sydney on a bust weekend.    So with that in mind, I'd like you to join me for a cup of coffee at a very small table with the extraordinarily engaging, charismatic, intelligent and passionate Peter Garrett.