Episode Notes

Michael Beveridge is an Australian radio broadcaster who is known to breakfast audiences from his national weekend show, and night audiences from You Tube Hits which he hosted up until the end of 2016.

Originally coming to the attention of Australians from his stint on Big Brother, Michael is prolifically funny on twitter @Mickyb273 - he and I caught up in Melbourne late 2016 when he was in a bit of limbo as often happens in the world of radio. His employment status comes up quite bit during the conversation, and it’s important for you to hear because unemployment or underemployment is a common theme in my industry. In TV we work for ten-twelve weeks at a time with no guarantee of coming back next season - and in radio you’re only as good as your last survey, so the Centerlink is always on your mind.

Michael is an incredibly funny man, he’s astonishingly smart and a quicker than I could possibly fathom.

Enjoy this chat on a sunny Melbourne day with Michael Beveridge.