Episode Notes
Emma Alberici is a journalist that lives in Sydney Australia. She hosts the national nightly current affairs show on the ABC, Lateline. Formerly she was the European correspondent for the ABC, and now she holds our public figures accountable every night of the week.   Her take-no-prisoners interviewing style has come under critique from people as high up the chain as our Prime Minister - and she and I talk about this, because she sees her role as someone who has the job of holding those in the public eye accountable to their policy. I feel this first hand towards the end of the interview where she turns the tables on me and starts to grill me about The Bachelor.   Emma has a striking presence, and dwarfed me with her intelligence and speed of thought. It's clear that I've a long way to go in interviewing because Emma is clearly the master - I'm just a goofy student compared to her ability and insight. Emma is whip-smart, an intensely critical thinker, and stunningly beautiful - a true triple threat that left me mostly gobsmacked for our whole chat.   I hope you enjoy this chat with on of the ABC's powerhouse minds - Emma Alberici.