Episode Notes
  Jeffrey Foskett is a singer and guitar player from Northern California who’s been a permanent member of the Beach Boys since the late 1970’s. He went on to be Brian Wilson’s musical director and right hand man for many years, and recently has rejoined the Beach Boys as they continue to write, record and tour to millions of fans all around the world.    It’s not often I get the chance to chat with someone who is so clearly gifted, and has had a career in music that’s gone on for so long - and you can bet that there’s quite a story behind Jeffrey’s success.    I’m a big believer in putting your intention out into the universe and then focusing your energy in the direction of that intention.    Jeffrey’s story of how he got his break gave me goosebumps, but it’s not uncommon  - if you’ve listened to this show - you’ve heard it time and time again.    I recorded this yesterday in the Intercontinental Hotel in Double Bay in Sydney on a humid Saturday afternoon when the world was still in shock about the news out of France.  We were only a few hours away from The Beach Boys taking the stage, and yet Jeffrey was kind enough to give me time to talk.    The Beach Boys are touring Australia this week, get out and see them if you can - like Jeff said, it might be the only time you see them so they’re committed to putting on a great show.    I’m grateful for John Ferriter for hooking this up, It’s a hell of a story. I hope you like it.