Episode Notes
Julie Stevanja is co-founder and CEO of Stylerunner.com
Again, her story is bloody inspirational.
In particular what I love about her tale is not only the grit to keep going, and her ability to see a gap in the market - but how she knew and valued the power of her personal network so much that she relocated back to Australia to build the business, and now is running an internationally massive retail operation from an office in Alexandria in Sydney. 
A quick word about prep. 
You know me. I always prepare 
However on this day I rolled into the interview and realized I'd forgotten to put my SD card back into my recorder, and lost 15 minutes of interview time because I had to run across the street to Sun Studios which is the big fancy photography studio set up here in Sydney, buy an SD card, and then sprint back across the street. 
So apologies for the length of the show today - don't worry, I have put my spare SD card back into my podcast kit.