Episode Notes
Ben Gerrard is an extraordinarily talented performer from Victoria in the lower right hand side of Australia.  He's currently playing more than 20 characters all by himself in the brilliant solo show "I Am My Own Wife", which explores transgender issues, human rights, communism, and resilience - it's currently playing at the Old Fitz Theatre in Kings X, Sydney.  There's a few shows left, do whatever you can to go and see it.  He's also up for a Logie award for his brilliant comedic performances in "Open Slather" the sketch show on Foxtel.    Ben came to my house and was nothing but delightful There's a depth and talent to this man that is at first unassuming but gradually radiates out of him, blinding you.  He won't be in this country long, as I have the feeling that he's about to be one of our greatest comedic and dramatic actors.   I'm very happy that I can bring you this.