Episode Notes

Stav Davidson is known as “The Survivor” in Australian radio. He’s been through around seven different line-ups but remained as the sole common player in B105 and now Hit105’s breakfast radio team.

That’s no mean feat. When you think of how many times the breakfast team in your neck of the woods has changed - Stav has always been there.

I’m so grateful to work with him, I learn from him every day - he’s funnier and faster than anyone I’ve ever worked with, and he never writes any of it. It comes out of him sometimes before he’s even thought of it - by that I mean the punchline comes out of his mouth and it’s the first time he’s heard it.

His story is intense, so there’s a trigger warning right here at the top if talk about IV drugs or women’s shelters is something likely to put you in a dark place today.

I couldn’t be more grateful to get to work with this man every morning.

He’s the epitome of professionalism in radio.

Enjoy a chat in an unused news booth with Stav Davidson.