Episode Notes

Episode 53: It’s Sunday, so it’s time for our weekly show! But this week we decided to switch things up... The TBSB crew is continually trying to be the best movie podcast we can be, so to keep things fresh we’re changing the structure of our weekly show a little (don’t worry, we’ll still talk movie news of the week!)

This week we talk about Dunkirk’s new trailer and 70mm wide release, we discuss recent comments made by director Matt Reeves about his upcoming Batman film(s) and we talk about what other trailers dropped this week in Trailer Time (Geostorm, Atomic Blonde). We also take a look back at what film came out 7.5 years ago, George gives his Top 3 picks for beginners getting into director Christopher Nolan’s filmography and we answer another question of the week. We hope you enjoy the new content and segments!

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