Episode Notes

What makes a victim? They say once you get to know the victim, you'll discover the perp. But this well-liked suburban mother Nanette Ellis was an unlikely victim. And yet she was stalked by a sinister stranger trying to run her off the road. Rocks were thrown at her car. Her windscreen smashed. A bucket of paint upended over it. Tyres slashed. And then she was murdered. Brutally stabbed to death in her own home in Boronia in Melbourne's east.

Following the 30th anniversary of Nanette's death, Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb check in on her family, talking to her son Craig about the aftermath of the unexpected murder, how his younger brother coped with finding the body, plus another mystery that shook this family.

Show notes:

Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb

With thanks to Craig Ellis

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