Episode Notes
Organisational psychologist and founder of Inventium, Amantha Imber joins Phil on episode 15 of Founder To Founder. Amantha started Inventium in 2007 after struggling to find a company where she could fully utilise her expertise. Today, 10 years later, Inventium delivers training and consulting services that help global companies to innovate using psychology, neuroscience and management science. Amantha and Phil talk about routines and rituals to unlock the best of teams, managing anxiety and how to be present while growing a business. This episode is brought to you by Opkomend, an award-winning studio working in digital transformation, advertising, public relations, design and marketing. Founder and Creative Director Jon Westenberg has worked on content and campaigns for clients and publishers including TIME, Optus, Commonwealth Bank, Hired, Macy's and more. You can check out their blog The Craft at www.opkomend.com