Episode Notes

Simon's parents visited Simon and Martina in Japan; the duo have some advice about what to do when your parents visit Japan to ensure they enjoy it. Simon's parents don't usually like trying new things and it was his mum's frst time visiting Japan, so Simon and Martina made sure his parents felt comfortable in a new country. They booked them into an airbnb so they could take their time getting to know the Japanese cuisine and culture. They eased them into the local food, which they ended up loving. Simon's dad loved a beer vending machine at the local sushi place too. His parent's noticed a lot of different things about Japan like how smooth the trains were, how everyone abides by the 'no noise' rule on public transport and how late everyone worked. By the end of the trip the Eat You Kimchi duo noticed that Simon's parents had changed a lot - in just 2 weeks - their views on life had broadened and they'd opened up to a whole new world.